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April 2017 Newsletter

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Graham-Allen_sm dougwinters5 rodsanborn
Graham Allen
District Director
Doug Winters
District Chair
Rod Sanborn
District Commissioner

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Are we holding Roundtable in May even though there is a Council Kick-Off?


It is May 9th at 7 p.m.

5160 W. Lone Mountain Rd


There will be a CPR class.  Just so you know this is not a certification class.


Below is info about the Kick-Off on Thursday


Info on the Kick-Off


I have heard about Scoutbook but I am not sure its for us.  Where do I find answers about Scoutbook?  Also, has Scoutbook incorporated the changes made in November 2016?

Scouts need to contact the

unit leader
to get the list of Counselors.



(March Eagles)

Chad Decker

Devin Garrett
Brian Alas
Jesse Swanson
Tyler Thalman


April 11th at 7 p.m.
Every 2nd Tuesday at 7 p.m.
5160 W. Lone Mountain Rd
District Committee’s will meet at 6:45 right before every Roundtable.  Check with your committee chair for specific room.

Roundtable is Where Inspiring Leaders Share Ideas – Where Will YOU BE?More Roundtable info…

We are so thankful for all your hard work
and service in the North Start District!


 Thanks to Danielle Jones (our District’s Activity and Civic Service Chair), Brad Gilmore, Troop 430 and all those who helped as they put together a wonderful Recognition Dinner.Photos from the evening


Our New 2017 District Awards go to…
Joseph Alvarado                T340
Bill Carpenter                     T340
Dean Ludwig                      T702
Mary Ludwig                       P/T702
Douglas Nebeker               T/C161
LaMar Noorda                    T710
Jason Wasden                   T390
Jeff Welte                           T555
Thanks for all you do!

More info and forms…(Click Here)

The Las Vegas Area Council is now providing Scoutbook for all of our units.  If you are not already using this great resource please start!You can track all things Scouting with Scoutbook.  Parents are able to access their Scouts records from any device.  Scoutbook will help you communicate with all the members of your unit.  Many of the tasks a unit does will be moving to the Scoutbook platform.If you have not gotten your subscription code please contact Nancy Hill at the Scout Office.   
 cub-scouts-in-fall Modifications to Cub Scout program give den leaders more flexibility

Click here for the complete list of modifications.   A great Q&A article.


Updating your pin with current information on BeAScout is the easiest way unit leaders can help prospective Scouts and their families get in touch with a unit in your council.



Help us make a positive impact in the lives of our youth today by supporting Scouting financially. Your donation will help to keep the Las Vegas Area Council financially strong and able to provide the programs and services that impact our local youth, leaders, and units. 100% of donations stay local. Donate today online at

2017 FOS Kick-off invite flyer

Lowaneu Chapter Order of the Arrow
The meeting has been changed it is no longer at 6:30 right before every Roundtable. It will now be held on every 3rd Thursday of the month at…

Elk lodge 2939 Van Der Meer St, North LV 89030

Questions contact Chris Peterson at
Enter Your Service Hours Online
Click on the video below to see how
Enter Your Service Hours Video Help
COR – Chartered Organization Representative

If you are a Chartered Organization Representative we would like YOU to invite your scout leaders to come to Roundtable personally.

boy-scout-board-of-review District Eagle Boards of Review
Every 3rd Tuesday of each month at the LDS church building on Lone Mountain.If you have questions please contact Jerry Wiese at
North Star District Logo
We are in need of District members
If you would like to be involved on the district level please let us know.
Click Here for more info…


North Start District Organization Chart
(updated March 2016)District Job Descriptions
(PDF document)




Photos from Mountain Man 2017Mountain Man 2017 - LVACMountain Man 2017 - LVAC
Mountain Man 2017 - LVACMountain Man 2017 - LVAC
Mountain Man 2017 - LVACMountain Man 2017- LVACMountain Man 2017 - LVAC

Mountain Man 2017 - LVAC Mountain Man 2017 - LVACMountain Man 2017 - LVAC
Lion Program

Our district has 6 new packs that offer the new Lion program.  If you are interested please contact one of the following packs for more information.

Pack 340 (Meets at Lamb of God Lutheran Church)- Kat
Pack 430 (Meets at Watson Elementary School) – Rebecca
Pack 500 (Meets at Ward Elementary School) – Saunya
Pack 560 (Meets at Goynes Elementary School) – Bill
Pack 678 (Meets at Rhodes Elementary School) – Mike
Pack 789 (Meets at Duncan Elementary School) – Rachel

 PBS  – Keeping Kids Fit – Vegas PBS offers workshops on Health, Nutrition and Fitness at no charge to your Troops – More info
 How to Rent Canoes


header_councilawards Congrats to…
 tuftsuniversity2  Tufts University research on how Scouting Works.
BeAScout-WebTileAd-3  Find a Scout Unit Near You
We are in need of 
Unit Commissioners
Job description:  The unit commissioner is the connecting link in the chain between the troop and the pack. Often, the same unit commissioner will serve both a pack and troop in the same community.

For more information contact Rob Reed.

Get Out and Go Camping This Year! Camping is a hallmark of a Boy Scout’s experience. As a leader have you ever wondered….where are good places to camp around Las Vegas? Wonder no more!Click here for a list of more than 26 camping spots nearby, compiled by some of our very own Scoutmasters. Need another resource? Click here. Take a picture on your next camping trip and post it to our facebook page North Star District, Las Vegas Area Council.
Cubmasters do you have Den Chiefs helping in your dens?
Scout Masters do you have Scouts looking for leadership positions?

 We are losing our scouts after Webelos.  They are not transitioning into Scouts.  We hope that you will encourage your dens to use the Den Chief Program.  This will help not only your Cubs but also the Scouter learn leadership skills.  It’s a win- win.  Check out our Den Chief Page on our District site for more information.
Den Chief duties (pick from):  lead den in games, songs, skits;  teach skills that he knows;  help maintain order;  coach the Cubs;  stories on campouts;  coach sporting events;  basically be a “big” brother to the Cubs.
To find a scout troop that your Webelos can join after they graduate from Cubs go to
2014-15councilmap_sm Map of North Star District
North Star District Zones and Units list

amazon_assoc-ads_feature-tile_180x150_grey AMAZON – You can now support the Las Vegas Area Council simply by buying things from  It’s very simple.  Click this link to get started.

 Graham-Allen_smScouters Minute – August 2016

Graham Allen, North Star

Scouting provides youth and leaders with opportunities they otherwise would never have, and in the process, builds skills and memories that will last a lifetime.

I recently went with my Venturing Crew on our final high adventure activity of the 2016 summer. Our weekly August activities were spent swamping canoes, practicing paddling skills, updating our water safety knowledge, creating a menu and buying the food for our trip, preparing and packing for the annual weekend canoe trip. On August 19th, at 6:30 a.m. after weeks of preparation, the anticipation was over and we departed from our troop meeting place to the historic Hoover Dam. We took 16 people and 8 canoes (rented through the Council office). It was an amazing trip! Words can’t describe the awe of being at the base of such an incredible structure and its ability to harness such a great river! As a Crew we enjoyed canoeing more than 12 miles, growing as a team, camping overnight along the riverbank, hiking more than 9 miles in the various side canyons and hot springs, and marveling at the beauties we were actively witnessing.

I’m grateful for the experiences, challenges, and memories Scouting provided me as a youth and now as an adult volunteer. Scouting prepares us for life, each day, teaching timeless values, character, fitness, and fun. Take a minute to reflect on the Scouting adventures you had with your unit this summer, and then move forward with your youth and unit to plan the next year of Scouting memories. Scouting is worth the time, energy, and effort! As we embrace Scouting, it will have an incredibly positive impact on us personally, and on the youth we serve. I’ve always loved the unattributed quote “Nobody knows what a boy is worth, we will have to wait and see, but every man in a noble place, a boy once used to be.” No man or woman has stood taller than when serving a youth and helping them to develop the skills, abilities, and character to become someone greater. Remember, you are doing better than you think you are, and as Baden Powell said, “We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do our duty.” Good luck as we embark on a new Scouting year!

Scouting questions or concerns?
Graham Allen – District Director


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