NS Calendar



Relations Meeting                             Jun 1

Levi Levi                                             Jun 4-10

District Committee                            Jun 6

Day Camp (sponsored by SL)          Jun 6-10

Last day of CCSD school                   Jun 8

Day Camp (sponsored by NS)         Jun 9-10

Pathfinder Camp @ Kimball                       Jun 9-10

Kimball Scout Camp                         Jun 11

Father’s Day                                      Jun 18

Day Camp (sponsored by MO)        Jun 20-22

Day Camp (sponsored by ED)         Jun 20-23

Lion Coordinator Training               Jun 21

Del Webb Begins                               Jul 10

Independence Day                          Jul 4

No District Committee Meeting    Jul 5

No LDS Relations Meeting             Jul 7

?___ Roundtable                              Jul 12

National Jamboree                         Jul 17

Day Camp (Sponsored by SM)        Jul 21-22

Day Camp (Sponsored by SM)        Jul 28-29

Day Camp (Sponsored by SM)        Jul 31-Aug 1


District Committee Meeting                      Aug 1

School Night Training (Council)    Aug 2

LDS Relations                                               Aug 3

Roundtable                                       Aug 8

School Starts                                     Aug 14

Key 3                                                   Aug 15

Popcorn Kickoff Training                 Aug 19

Lunch Talks and Flyers

Joining Nights Begin

Slime Nights Follow

Summer Camp Reports Due                       Aug 31


District Committee Meeting                      Sep 5

Lunch Talks and Flyers

Joining Nights Continue

Slime Night Follow-ups Continue

Good Scout Luncheon                     Sep 13

Popcorn Pick-up                                Sep 14-15

Key 3                                                   Sep 19

Council LDS Relations                     Sep 19

Ordeal                                                            Sep 22-23

Cub Scout Joining Event                  Sep 23

LDS General Conference                 Sep 30


Weboree                                           Oct 6-7

District Fall Camporee                    Oct 6-7

Day Camp (Sponsored by LB)         Oct 14

Cub Scout Fall Festival                   Oct 21